2nd Project Meeting, 4-5 May 2017, in Potenza, Italy


Program of  03/05/2017 (Wednesday)


Arrivals of the participants to the hotel


Program of  04/05/2017 (Thursday)

09:30  Welcome  to the school    
09.45-10:15 Coffee (at the manager’s room)    

Tour of the school (classes, labs, teachers’ room, etc.)

11:15-12:45  Opening of the meeting and the schedule    

Workshop: Demonstration of making a tutorial (ACD module Kit)

13:00-14:45 Lunch    
15:00-17:00 Visit to ANSALDO STS    
  Industry of electronic and railway signaling    
17:00 -19:00 Visit at Brienza’s Castle    
  End of the first day    

Program of  05/05/2017 (Friday)

08:30 Departure from the hotel    
8:45-11:30 Project work    
  Discussion about project progress    
  Planning of activities    
  Planting  the Erasmus tree    
  Evaluation of the meeting. Certification    
11:45     Departure to Matera    


15:00-18:00 Visit Matera: 2019 European Capitol of Culture    
18:00 Departure from Matera Visit Matera: 2019 European Capitol of Culture    
    End of the second day     
Program of  06/05/2017 (Saturday)    

Departure of the participants